DORO creates a Trophy for French cinema



The DORO created by DOROCreated in 2010 and again every year the trophies Public, originally called the "Golden Tickets" are this year another dimension with the involvement of the sculptor "Doro", member of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, who created a beautiful work of art ... gold and silver massive giving even more value to these awards "from the heart" awarded by the public!

The "Doro" in 2015 reward movie actors and directors of the most popular French films by spectators in 2014.

The ranking is determined by the organization from the Reviews and ratings spectators in theaters outputs and the many movie sites and fans of the 7th art.

When DORO was contacted in order to achieve the trophy that will be awarded to the winners from the vote of several million users for their favorite actors and directors, he took into account the dimension of authenticity and truth of this choice, two components that are at the heart of his artistic research.

In this vision he offered an authentic work of solid gold and not gold plated, in the shape of a trained person on a pedestal of silver.

If this statuette from a height of 20 cm is coveted for its weight of silver and solid gold 18k, it will be much more for what it represents: a public tribute.

This "DORO" because that is the name of this statuette, presented in lush red velvet, awarded annually from 2015 director of the film and the most popular actress and the most popular actor of public.

DORO and his DORO


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