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The elements contained in this Site, developed by or on behalf of ART CREATIO (hereinafter, the “Contents”), are protected by the applicable laws concerning copyrights, trademarks, design and model protection, and unfair competition.

The Contents include, notably, the site’s architecture, graphic chart (including colours, character fonts, and the graphic organization of screens), as well as all information and elements available on the Internet site, such as the texts, articles, photographs, illustrations, images, marks and logos, data, databases, and any audio (such as voices, music or sound effects) or visual element, whether static or animated (such as graphic animations or audiovisual sequences), specific software developments, and downloadable programs.

The Contents are the property of ART CREATIO or its technical service providers.

The reproduction of all or part of this site on any support whatsoever is strictly forbidden except where prior explicit authorization has been obtained from the site’s webmaster and from ADAGP (French organisation of collection and distribution of copyright in the field of graphic and plastic arts).


The reproduction of the texts in hard copy is allowed for private information, subject to compliance with the following three conditions:

  • cost-free distribution
  • respect of the integrity of reproduced documents (no modification or change)
  • clear and legible quote of the source, as follows: “Document published by the website of ART CREATIO,”

Reproduction rights are strictly reserved and limited.

For any other use, please consult us or ADAGP

Any person found not to comply with applicable legal provisions is guilty of the offense of counterfeiting, and subject to the penal sanctions provided for by the law, notwithstanding any other recourse ART CREATIO and the artists featured on this site may have.


Personal Data – Right of Access and Correction – Confidentiality

Any information you send us shall be intended exclusively for ART CREATIO’s use; ART CREATION commits to take every reasonable precaution available to preserve the confidentiality of such personal data.

In this regard, ART CREATIO informs you that, in accordance with CNIL ruling N° 2006-138, dated 09 May 2006, on the exemption from declaration of processing constituted for the purposes of information or external communications (decision regarding the exemption from declaration N° 7), the database likely to contain these personal data is strictly compliant with the framework defined by said ruling, thereby dispensing ART CREATIO from presenting a declaration to the CNIL.

Nevertheless, ART CREATIO reminds you that, in accordance with the law of 06 January 1978 on Information Technology and Civil Liberties, as amended, you have the right to challenge, access and correct these personal data. You may exercise this right at any time by sending a letter to:


1C rue d’Alsace

The modification or deletion will occur as soon as possible, and no later than fifteen business days after receipt of your request.


Confidentiality of mail and Information on e-mails

We inform you that:

  • we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any correspondence sent over the Internet
  • e-mails are stored on computer media long enough for us to provide an answer, and at most for three months.



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Changes and updates to this site are mare on a regular basis. Therefore, ART CREATIO reserves the right to make any modification, correction or change at any time.

The links provided on this site redirect you off-site. These links are provided solely for your convenience, and should not be interpreted as implying any approval of such sites by ART CREATIO. The target sites are not under the control of ART CREATIO, which under no circumstance may be held liable for their contents, the links they contain, the products or services they offer, or the changes or updates made to said sites.

The brands, product or service names, domain names and corporate names mentioned on this Site remain the property of their respective owners. Under no circumstance does the mention of a link or brand, name, service, domain name, or corporate name of other entities imply the existence of any association between ART CREATIO for this products, services, brands, or names.



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