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Acquisition mode


Do you want to


  • acquire a work of art?
  • commission one to suit your expectations?
  • learn more about this possibility.


We invite you to contact us by .


A few elements to help you:


Price ranges:


Tranche A      under €5,000

Tranche B      from €5,000 to €19,999

Tranche C      from €20,000 to €49,999

Tranche D      from €50,000 to €100,000

Tranche E      over €100,000plus de 100 000 €



If you want to own an enthralling work of art quickly, Art Creatio can offer you customized financing formulas, tailored to your situation.

Every purchase of a work of art comes with its corresponding acquisition contract, which includes your title of ownership, the work’s value, and a certification of its authenticity with the location of the precious-metal hallmarks. This document should be kept in a secure location.

Any work of art with a value in excess of €50,000 may be delivered, at your request, free of charge at any delivery address within the European Community.


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