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Balancing Arm


DORO pushes back the limits of his technique!

The previous sculpture, “Main levée/Raised Hand”, ignited in him the desire to venture further in the size of his sculptures and the hope of sculpting a complete arm.

“While I was choosing a position for the forearm, I sought to reduce its expression. What matters most in this attitude is not the body’s language.

On the contrary, I seek an almost autonomous revelation of a shape, which in my eyes grants it its own existence, its authenticity.

The technique I use offers me the possibility of not committing to the traditional path of form development.”

In December 2013, this sculpture was honoured with a Bronze Medal at the annual exhibition of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts (National Fine Arts Society).


This sculpture is available for sale at the price of € 27000

Bras en équilibre

_MG_6051-Bras-en-equilibre-1.jpg  _MG_6052-Bras-en-equilibre-2.jpg

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